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Practical Information

After we receive your booking, we at Camp Grenaa Strand, will send you a booking confirmation. Your booking is binding once we have received payment for the first rate according to sent invoice.
We reserve the right, in extraordinary circumstances, to change the reserved unit to another on your arrival.

Change of booking: the chosen period cannot be changed after arrival, and if departure is before booked date, no refund can be given.

Renter’s responsibility
The renter is under obligation to respect camping site rules and regulations. The renter is obligated to register all guests at Information, and a fee of 30 kr per guest must be paid. Guests’ cars are to be parked in the parking area by the shop. Any damage done by renter or their guests will be paid on departure.

Dogs are very welcome but must be on a lead at all times. We would ask you to consider your neighbours and keep dogs from barking. Dogs are not allowed in service buildings. No pets are allowed in rented caravans/cabins. See our separate price list for dogs.

Force Majeure
Under the unlikely occurrence of conditions occurring which are not under the control of Camp Grenaa Strand Camping, such as natural catastrophes, strikes, riots etc,  Camp Grenaa Strand Camping has no responsibility for any consequences hereof and is not required to reimburse renters any compensation.

Claims or complaints
Any claim or complaint must be made immediately after arrival or as soon as the error or defect is discovered. Claims for compensations must be in written form and be in the hands of Camp Grenaa Strand no later than a month from departure. Print errors, price increases etc are not included.

Cleaning (only for rented cabins and caravans)

The daily cleaning is the responsibility of the renter. Final Cleaning can be ordered. (See price list) However the following MUST always be carried out on departure; general tidying, emptying of bins and fridge, all service and cutlery washed and furniture and service in its place as on arrival.
If you wish to do your own final cleaning, the cabin or caravan MUST be left in tip top condition as it was on arrival. Camp Grenaa Strand will check this before your departure.

In period A, it is only possible to choose a desired unit by reserving it for a minimum of 7 days (and full payment will ALWAYS be required for the 7 days)

In the case of a reservation of less than 7 days, guests will be allotted an unspecified stand. (Full payment will be required for the full number of days reserved.)
For luxury cabins and caravans, no refund is possible in periods A or B

Conditions of payment for booking over telephone
On reservation over the phone, 1000 kr is to be paid in the first 7 days. The remainder must be paid on arrival.

Rental of caravan or cabin
On reservation, the first rate = 1000 dkr. is to be paid immediately. The second and final rate is to be paid 2 months before arrival. You will receive a letter or mail with confirmation of your reservation and your customer identification number.
Reservation Fee is 200 kr.

Conditions of payment for on-line booking
With on-line reservation, the entire amount is to be paid immediately. There is NO reservation fee with on-line reservation.

We do NOT allow young people under 18 camping without their parents. This covers both ordinary camping and rental of cabins or caravans!

Cancellation Insurance Cover
When you order your holiday with us,  it is possible to take out a cancellation insurance cover, which in the case of acute sickness or other emergency*  means you can cancel your holiday, so that you only have to pay the insurance costs, an administration fee and the cost of a doctor’s statement.

Cancellation Insurance Cover costs 200 kr per unit. This must be taken out on reservation or at payment of your deposit. Insurance cannot be cancelled. A doctor’s statement must be sent to Top Camp Grenaa strand before your holiday is due to begin! Read more about this Cancellation Cover under  ‘Cancellation Insurance’.

Right of cancellation and return of fees paid
It is possible to cancel your booking under the following conditions:

If you cancel not later than14 days after your booking, your entire fee will be returned. (In the case of booking less than 14 days before your arrival, this does not apply.)

Otherwise, the following conditions are valid:

If you cancel your booking more than 30 days before arrival, your entire fee will be refunded minus an administrative fee of 500 kr and any cancellation insurance taken out.

If you cancel your booking less than 30 days before arrival, there can be no refund.
(With cancellation insurance cover: the paid amount will be refunded minus 200 kr in administrative fee)
Cancellation insurance cover must be booked at the same time as your reservation and costs 200 kr

How to cancel
If you wish to cancel your booking, please get in contact with us by phone as soon as possible. Remember to have your Customer Identification number ready.


Info on the Wi-Fi available to guests at Grenaa Strand Camping.

We recommend rebooting your device, before logging on to the network for the first time.

We offer high quality Wi-Fi at the campsite. However, take into consideration, that the wireless internet, at peak times, can be slower than usual. There are different factors that affect the internet speed and quality.

Trees: When the wireless signal has to pass through branches, the signal is weakened. If the leaves of the trees are wet, the signal is weakened significantly.

Rain: Water lowers the signal and makes the network slower than in sunny weather.

Caravans: As a guest, you often find that the signal works outside the caravan in the awning, but not inside. This is because the signals are weakened considerably as it passes through the caravan - the same applies to cars and neighbor caravans which also shadow the signal. As a rule, there is a much better signal outside the caravan, for example in the awning.

Events: Many people gathered on a very small area, for example at events on the site, may mean there is a great deal of usage on the Hotspot / access points in the specific area.

In addition, the campsite is interfered by a large military radar radiation, which at times has a major negative impact on the strength of the signal. However, this occurs only in a short intervals and the network will normalize itself when the radiation is over.

When you move around the place with your Smartphone, Tablet etc. some devices may have problems downloading or losing the connection altogether. Just reboot your device, and it will then typically re-connect to the network. This is due to the behavior / setup of the devices and not the Internet quality.

Since all of these conditions are dynamic, you will notice that the signal will vary throughout the day.

You are more than welcome to contact the staff at the reception desk and get our guide to a good internet experience at the campsite.