Scandinavian Animal Park

In the middle of Djursland, Denmark’s most natural wildlife park is situated. Here you find lots of open space for both animals and people and the animals always take center stage.

In the Polar Bear Parks, you can experience Europe’s largest group of polar bears. The playful brown bears are busy romping around in the huge Brown Bear Park and our authentic European wolf pack can be seen from the boardwalk in the Wolf Park. Se all of the large predators up close during the feedings and listen to the guides’ thrilling narratives every day all season long – you won’t get any closer than this. 

Be fascinated by the awe-inspiring Steller’s sea eagles during the daily eagle shows in the world’s largest aviary for sea eagles. Experience the whirr from their enormous wings, and be impressed when the eagles catch fish from the lake or fly from treetop to treetop.

Enjoy the large variety of deer from Scandinavia in the great parks and meet all of the other animals when you go exploring in their world. Don´t miss the opportunity to feed the cheeky fallow deer, reindeer and small goats.

Take a walk on the new Nature Trail and find inspiration for an animal friendly garden at home. 

In the meadow you’ll find the very rare Danish orchid and you can see the red kite soar through the sky.

Remember to pay the gigantic and highly-praised playground a visit – you are guaranteed heaps of fun. 

Buy your lunch or snack at the Loghouse Café or enjoy the food you bring along in the large picnic areas all around the wildlife park. 

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